The power tool for consumer engagement

Interaction guided into intuitive experiences

Just a link1

Spread your link on all your properties and social medias, this way fans can directly access the Messenger channel and start the experience.

User onboarding2

At first login fans receive a welcome message together with a content. After that, fans have the opportunity to play by answering a question. Correct answer gives points.

Send content3

Every time a new content is sent, fans are engaged with a question about it that allows them to earn points.


The points earned by the fans generate leaderboards that measure their degree of loyalty on a weekly, monthly or all-time basis, also filterable by friends.


The loyalty is rewarded on a weekly and monthly basis with special prizes, like giveaways, thank you videos and more.


The points earned could also generate discount codes to be used in the integrated shop, where fans can buy products in a few steps.

Deep analytics and complete reports, at a glance


In the web app you have access to all essential data to understand the trend of the channel and have complete control over your fan base.

Campaigns Detail2

Each content sent has detailed information on the reactions of the fans and their degree of engagement.

Fan Detail3

Thanks to the address book, you have the chance to know your fans in detail, including datas as engagement, loyalty and expense of each of them.

Shop integration4

Connect your Shopify account in order to activate the built-in shop and boost sales. Other e-commerce platforms connections are in the making.


With the message feature you can activate direct contacts with your fans, filtering them by different criterias.

Some features enriching the global experience

Expand the engagement across all your digital properties embedding the leaderboard of fans, for example on your website.

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